Excellence and innovation with the Moroccan Gulf Investment:

Is a cornerstone of the promotion of the booming real estate market in the Marrakesh region of the Kingdom of Morocco. Since the Gulf partners and founders of the Gulf Investment Company in the year 2017 and the company and its subsidiaries in the success and development of the steady led to the establishment of the company and the Gulf Moroccan investment and the acquisition of a reputation in the region for the revival and real estate development.
The success of the company is due to the excellent support provided by the company’s executives as well as the support it received from dear investors. Whether we are entrepreneurs or partners, we are always keen to provide expertise in all areas of work including good preparation for starting projects, Real estate development, project development and management, investment and trade, and real estate brokerage by buying and selling.

Our Goals:

The early entry into the real estate development markets in Marrakesh, the Kingdom of Morocco, and the experience and skills gained to establish a strong base for us and a reliable credibility, so that the Moroccan Gulf Investment Company becomes a strong contributor to the development and recovery of the real estate and contributes to the growth and well-being of the communities through our creativity and our ability to innovate and develop development projects A huge and distinctive real estate that attracts the attention and is a permanent economic value in the process of making these developments. Through these projects, the Moroccan Gulf Investment Company has achieved investors with great economic returns and attractive opportunities for its employees, Will be new investors with it.

Message from the Chairman of the Board: Saad Mohammed Saad Al Zamil

As a pioneer in the real estate development in the region, and with the real estate experience we have built over the past years we have always recognized the importance of the real estate sector as one of the most important sources of income for any country. The presence of a prosperous real estate market is not only evidence of real estate prosperity, but is the main engine of economic prosperity in general, The wheel of production in the industrial and commercial projects and the related service projects and because we are aware of the importance of our role as a leading real estate developer; we dedicated ourselves to creating a common base to enable us to achieve strong growth in our activities to support and achieve the goal and vision.

We have focused on developing a strong risk mitigation strategy, maintaining an economic position that preserves our past successes and enables us to achieve further successes in the future beyond the threshold of the Gulf crisis.

Our approach is simple, to be proud of the achievements that surround us and to be proud of being part of these achievements.

who are we:

Management and revitalization of real estate projects

The project development team of GULF has a long experience in the field of real estate development and development. It cooperates closely with the relevant sectors and consulting and legal companies to support the development of projects in the main markets of the company. He also makes intensive efforts to expand and take advantage of the possible opportunities. To contribute and invest in the growth of the company’s business and prosperity in the Kingdom of Morocco, especially the Palm (Marrakech)